You can choose between forklifts of various capacities and drives: diesel, gas and electrical.

The price depends on size and type, rental time and operating conditions.

Regarding the duration we are offering:

  • Daily rentals
  • Monthly rentals
  • Long term rentals


The Company Parkelj servis, trgovina in storitve d.o.o. Ljubljana hereinafter referred to as ''Lessor'', is renting a forklift under the following General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Lessor shall consign the forklift to the Lessee in good condition. The Lessee shall be required to return the forklift to the Lessor upon the expiration of the rental term in perfect condition and according to regulations.
  2. The Lessee shall exploit the rented forklift in accordance with conditions, listed in the Rental Agreement and with General Terms and Conditions. He will use it with the diligence of a good manager. It is strictly forbidden to overload the forklift
  3. The Lessee shall pay final rental price according to Rental Agreement.
  4. The Lessee is forbidden to alter, modify or in any way misuse the rented forklift. He shall as well prevent third parties from doing it. Any intervention of the Lessee or third party requires Lessor explicit written agreement. In case of breach the Lessee will be liable for damage, caused by his action. The Lessee must report immediately all functional breakdowns, faults or suspected faults to Lessor Service Team and cease to use the rented forklift, or prevent the use of it by third parties. The Lessee shall continue to use the rented forklift, in spite of fault or suspected fault only in case of Lessor explicit permission to do so, otherwise the Lessee will be liable for all damage. The Lessee shall report any damage on rented forklift immediately. The reaction time of Lessor Service Team shall be stipulated in the Rental Agreement.
  5. The Lessee shall bear the expenses of prescribed periodical checks and interventions necessary to eliminate possible functional breakdowns.
  6. The Lessee shall use only adequate fuels. In case of fault, caused by inadequate fuels, the lessee shall bear the damage. The Lessee of electric powered forklift must check the level of battery fluid regularly and add it as necessary. The same goes for levels of engine oil and coolant with engine powered forklifts.
  7. In case of deterioration of agreed operating conditions (environment, surface condition, etc.) the Lessor shall be entitled to raise the rental price.
  8. Unauthorized personnel, persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tired persons, minors or persons whose skills, psychophysical condition, age, medical condition or other (permanent or temporary) conditions or circumstances arise doubt, regarding the ability to operate the rented forklift, must not operate the rented forklift.
  9. As a rule the transport cost of rented forklift to the place of its operation, determined by the Lessee and back to the place, determined by the Lessor is borne by the Lessee (except in case of different agreement).
  10. One-shift or Two-shift operations of rented forklift are stipulated by the Rental Agreement.
  11. The Lessor shall unilaterally and with immediate effect claim the cancellation of Rental Agreement and return of the rented forklift in cases: If the Lessee ceases to pay the rental price or when a payment becomes more than 30 days overdue. If there is a possibility of Lessee bankruptcy. If the Lessee allows the use of rented forklift to unauthorized persons. If the Lessee uses the rented forklift in contrast with the stipulations in the Rental Agreement. If the Lessee does not use the rented forklift with the diligence of a good manager and according to agreed obligations, causing damage with such action.
  12. In case of cancellation of Rental Agreement the Lessor has the right to take over the rented forklift immediately. The arising costs (transport cost, additional fees) are borne by the Lessee.
  13. Liability for damage of any kind or theft of the rented forklift during transportation (to the place of its operation and back) shall be imposed to the Lessee.
  14. The Lessor shall not be liable for damage, caused to the Lessee or to third persons during operation of the rented forklift. He shall not be liable for damage due to loss of production, during repair of broken down forklift.
  15. The Lessee is forbidden to conclude any kind of transactions, related to the rented forklift with third parties, in particular sublease, sales or pledge agreements.
  16. End of the rental term is the day of termination of Rental Agreement.
  17. Any modification of the Rental Agreement or oral agreement (notice) becomes valid when expressed in writing
  18. Court of competent jurisdiction for disputes, arising from the Rental Agreement is Ljubljana District Court.

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